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Northern German Epilepsy Centre
for Children and Adolescents
in Raisdorf

The Northern German Epilepsy Centre for Children and Adolescents (NGEC) Raisdorf was founded in 1972 by Prof. Hermann Doose and has extensive experience in addressing medical, psychological and social problems of young patients with epilepsies including their families. The NGEC is situated 7 km from the centre of Kiel and cooperates closely with the Neuropediatric Department of the University Hospital of Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH), Campus Kiel, providing 3T MRI, PET, SPECT, metabolic, genetic workup and presurgical monitoring. The NGEC is run by the Schleswig-Holstein branch of Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (German Red Cross).

Children with difficult to treat epilepsies are admitted for work-up and treatment using the teamwork of pediatric epileptologists, psychologists and neuropsychologists, EEG-technicians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, specialized teachers and social workers. Inpatients stay for a mean of 6 days in the hospital.

The innovative concept of the NGEC is based on 2 mainstays. We use the E’Health system EPI-Vista® for all patients to replace long periods of inpatient treatment by continuous outpatient treatment. EPI-Vista® is a freely available online epilepsy treatment diary ( Since the epileptologic concept is focused on electronically augmented outpatient care our concept allows the manpower needed to address frequent disabling psychological and social problems of our patients and their families, who frequently live in remote or rural areas at long distances from the NGEC.

Electronic documentation in EPI-Vista® of seizures, treatment (e.g. antiepileptic drugs, AED) and side effects is performed by the families at home. Treatment effects and interactions in combined treatment regimens are readily visualized using graphical interfaces and graphical reproduction of data. Since the clinical course and treatment effects are transparent for the patients, their families, electronically augmented follow up enables patients and families to take responsibility and control of their disease. Patients learn about dosage, effects and interactions of drugs as well as side effects. We encourage shared decision making and coherence, and we have a strong focus on quality of life (qol). The treatment plan can be adjusted rapidly according to the clinical course and patient’s needs at any time The full information of the clinical course avoids delays by fixed outpatient or inpatient schedules.

Additional information
NGEC cares for patients aged up to 18. The hospital is well equipped. In addition to examination and treatment rooms, there are parent-child-units, family apartments for those who accompany the young patients, playrooms and a hospital school.

Head physicians of the Northern Germany Epilepsy Centre for Children and Adolescents
Dr. med. Sarah von Spiczak
Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Stephani